yo im megan
i hate bittermelon

Rhythm Heaven Fever - Double Date


wake up america


Hanoï. Photo by Giang Trinh.

Texting CNU


CNU: haha so what would you do if I was there with you?
Me: idk still watch tv
CNU: that’s nice! What are you watching? Have you eaten recently?? I can bring food over if you’re hungry we can eat while you get caught up on your shows and I’ll do the dishes. How’s your mom? It’s her birthday soon and I was thinking

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Song : From Time (ft. Jhene Aiko)
Artist : Drake
Album : Nothing Was The Same


"What’s up? Been a minute since we kicked it
You’ve been caught up with them bitches
I don’t get it, you’re a star love
You shouldn’t have to deal with that
I’ll never make you feel like that

Cause I love me, I love me enough for the both of us
That’s why you trust me, I know you been through more than most of us
So what are you, what are you, what are you so afraid of?
Darling you, you give but you cannot take love”

From Time (ft. Jhene Aiko) - Drake

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Movie stills from As the Gods Will (2014) starring Sota Fukushi , Hirona Yamazaki , Shota Sometani 


dream boy aesthetics


ive come here to receive a rub

140921: EXO from EXO Planet - The Lost Planet in Beijing
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